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Araylia Martinez, 2024 Art Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Araylia Martinez, Kalama High School Class of 2024, winner of a $1,000 KAMA Art Scholarship for her oil painting titled Romano.


“This painting is my rendition of the Augustus of Primaporta statue. The process was my first instance of using oil paints, which my art class had began to learn about. This painting was a self indulgent process for me to satisfy my love for painting and my interest in history/historical art.


After high school I intend to major in Chemistry and study at Clark College to get my Associate of Science before transferring to the University of Washington to become a biomedical chemist to create new medications to help patients facing various illnesses.


While art is not my major I intend to remain painting and creating art pieces to help ground myself through stressful times. Art to me is a personal hobby that over the years has helped me cope with the stress of my life and it has become therapeutic when I need to express myself creatively.” –Araylia Martinez


Congratulations Araylia!


KAMA | June 27, 2024


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